Goodness Of Frozen

Paneer Nuggets

Freezing is a natural process and does not usually require the use of any preservatives. Frozen food seals in freshness. Frozen vegetables, for example, are picked and frozen within hours of harvest, therefore locking in the vitamins and minerals, benefitting the taste and texture. Thanks to freezing technology, people can enjoy all types of food throughout the year, regardless of the season at affordable prices. Freezing food could kill or reduce many potentially harmful microbes, which cause food poisoning.

Frozen food tends to cost less than fresh, can be stored for much longer and offers brilliant flexibility for meal planning, thereby reducing wastage. Manufacturers are able to freeze food within minutes, which, compared to home freezing, benefits in a superior texture, taste and appearance, as well as retaining the nutritional value.

Frozen food is easy to keep and easy to use, and there is little waste, whereas two thirds of the population ditch anything up to 20 items of fresh and chilled food a month. Frozen food gives consumers a quick and convenient way of fitting in a nutritious meal.